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Car Illust Automobili Insurance
Most Japanese car insurance policies contain the following:

1.Automobile insurance (Car repair)
Comprehensive insurance
Collision insurance

2.Third party indemnity
Bodily injury laibility
Property damage liability

3.Compensation for policyholder and policyholder's family
Personal injury insurance
Passenger injury benefits insurance

4.Optional coverage
Automobile expenses insurance (loaner etc.)

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If you need an estimate please give us the following information about your car:
Mark is required item. Please fill it out by all
Car maker
Model number

Please tell us the model number which is on the shaken-sho, second line from top, second from the left.
Shown on the Shaken-sho [model number(A long combination of letters and numbers e.g. WLC1631132X575345)]
Previos insurance policy
[If yes] No claims Bonus Grade

In order to make a correct assessment, we need to know from you wheather this application is a first time contact or whether you have already contracted with some insurance company before, and if you have we also need your No Claims Bonus (NCB) Grade from that policy.
[NCB explanation here]
Car year
Air bag Yes
Your e-mail address


If more information is required please call, send us an e-mail or come to our office in Shinagawa.

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